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Gresso's new phone line takes the high road

Another beautiful line that we know precious little about.


Given the infinite sales spiels in the communications market, it's rare for companies to come up with a unique marketing approach. But we have to give props to Gresso, in the category of creativity if nothing else, for pitching "the intellectual mobile phone."

We're not exactly sure what makes its new "Avantgarde Collection" appropriate for rocket scientists. Nor are we sure that would be such a good thing, for it would seem to run counter to the universal ease-of-use goal. But most curious of all is why Gresso would feel to the need to go this route at all.

This, after all, is a company that has come up with some of the most visually stunning products Crave has seen, whether they be handsets or MP3 players. Like its other offerings, the Avantgarde line is made of such high-grade materials as African Blackwood, titanium and sapphire crystal, according to Sybarites. The "Sol" model pictured here has a 2-megapixel camera and a keyboard made of gold.

We've yet to see a review of Gresso's phone performance--the company remains something of a mystery--but they're always a pleasure to view in an industry where ugly increasingly seems to be the norm.