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Gremlin MG-1000 Wi-Fi: Safe to feed MP3s after midnight?

Stay away from water and throw away your your computer. The Gremlin is out and it lets you download songs directly to your device using Wi-Fi

There are three important rules to be aware of with your Gremlin MG-100. Keep it out of daylight, never get it wet (unless you own an electronics shop, in which case its rapid multiplication could prove lucrative), and finally: never, ever feed it MP3s after midnight (although as it's already a Gremlin, it's a bit late to worry about that).

There are, of course, several major differences between musicgremlin's Gremlin MG-100 and the gremlins of Joe Dante's 1984 cult classic movie. For starters, the movie gremlins didn't play MP3s (in fact, the idea of digital music was relatively alien to the world of 1984 -- compact discs had only reached the market two years earlier). They were also not Wi-Fi enabled (although one of them did explode in a microwave, which is roughly as uncomfortable as setting up a Wi-Fi network).

musicgremlin isn't serious about taking on the iPod (there's no Mac compatibility), but the Gremlin offers a number of intriguing features that we've not seen on an MP3 player before. The most obvious is 'direct-to-device' Wi-Fi functionality, which allows you download songs straight to your device, letting you ditch your pesky computer. Without a player in our hands it's hard to know how smoothly this works, but we'll be giving it a run for its money when it arrives on our desk.

Impressively, once the Gremlin's attached to a Wi-Fi network, you can reportedly browse 2 million tracks on musicgremlin's download service -- without the need for a PC (although you can't use any other service). This may appeal to travellers who want hassle-free access to new music in a foreign airport or Internet cafe. Songs that have been downloaded can be backed up on your PC, as long as you're running Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10 or higher. Expect a full review soon, but in the meantime, here's some more photos. -CS