'Gremlin' foils electric car's speed quest

On the road to a speed record, a cigar-shaped electric car has been bested by a gremlin.

No, not the trapezoidal AMC compact from the 1970s. "It's an electrical gremlin," said Colin Fallows, a member of the British team aiming to break the existing record. That's the word from the stretch of Nevada highway where the E-motion vehicle was to be put through its paces, according to the Associated Press.

Fallows, the car's designer, and driver Mark Newby had hoped to make their high-speed run Thursday, but ran into weather and mechanical problems. The effort fared no better on Friday or Saturday, with the gremlin apparently taking up residence in a circuit board, and the team has now postponed its run until sometime next year.

In previous efforts, the E-motion had reached 146 mph over a 1,000-yard course--the longest that was available to them in England. In the more spacious Nevada desert, they were hoping to race past the record of 245 mph.

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