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Greening up the restaurant

National Restaurant Association unveils Conserve Web site to share tips and tricks for saving time, energy, and money.

The Virtual Green Restaurant

Earlier this week the National Restaurant Association unveiled its new green-centric Web site. Green is in, and the 90-year-old trade group does not wish to be left behind. The new Web site offers tips and tricks on how to conserve energy, and therefore money. At the heart of its new conservation-minded site is what it's calling the "Virtual Green Restaurant." It's Flash-based and interactive, allowing users to better visualize what they can do to improve efficiency in their own restaurants.

Understandably, the National Restaurant Association is focused on saving money for its members and the bulk of the advice on the site reflects that attitude. Most of it is common sense: fix leaks, use less water, turn things off--that kind of stuff. However, there are some good resources for restaurateurs interested in federal and state conservation services. In addition, the site has a feedback area, in which they want to hear your story of conservation. Ultimately, this is where the site will grow the most--through the combined efforts of the almost 1 million restaurants and food service outlets they represent.

Everybody loves to save money--especially restaurant owners. By creating a central depository for green education and research, the association is sure to inspire budget-minded restaurateurs into embracing both kinds of green.