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Green your computer accessories: Laptop bags

From mosquito netting to newspaper, there are plenty of laptop carriers out there made from recycled materials.

Rooster recycled bag
A laptop bag made entirely of recycled plastic water bottles. Uncommon Goods

Since your laptop is spewing hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere every year, why not help make up for that by toting it around in a bag made of recycled materials?

Mosquito messenger
A mosquito net-based messenger bag. Three Stone Steps

Fortunately, in the case of these stylish totes, "recycled" doesn't mean reusing a burlap sack. There's a lot of creativity out there when it comes to materials from which to make laptop carriers.

The penguin/rooster bag from Uncommon Goods above for instance, is made completely from recycled water bottles. Each yard of polyester material for the bags is made from 18 bottles. The carrier 12.5 inches by 15.25 inches and costs $48.

The Fellini Pannolini Large Messenger takes used camping gear like tarps and mosquito nets and incorporates them into a carry-all. The outside is recycled mosquito nets, the inside is used tarpaulin for a waterproof lining. At $75.00 each, you get a choice of blue, copper, green, silver, or yellow.

leaf laptop
When open, it's made to look like an unfurled leaf. Career Bags

The Leaf Laptop Bag is taking the "green" angle a tad more literally than the rest. While the exterior is made of recycled microsuede and the interior of recycled polyester, the bag's flap is made to look like a leaf. The outside is designed to look like a plant's veins, and when opened it's meant to resemble an unfurled leaf. It fits a 15-inch or 17-inch laptop, but this green bag will cost you some serious green--it's $270.

Though the Recycled Newspaper Bag came out last year, I still had to mention it. I put it on my Christmas list this past holiday, and lo and behold, it was actually wrapped up and waiting for me under the tree!

Recycled newspaper bag
Old news becomes new. Hip and Zen

I can attest that it's sturdy, looks good, and fits both my 13-inch and 17-inch notebooks comfortably--though not at the same time. And its made by Conserve, an NGO that creates jobs for women in India.

For more great resources for recycled goods like these bags, see the Great Green Goods blog.