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Green, yes, but is it waterproof?

Sustainable laptop cases of carpet and cardboard

Calling someone a carpetbagger may actually become a compliment if people take the advice of designer Giles Miller. Miller offers laptop cases made out of corrugated cardboard and carpet as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional laptop cases.

The cases were featured as part of London's [Re] design event in September. The non-profit organization seeks to promote sustainable design by connecting designers with people who can put their ideas into the marketplace. "[Re] design supports designers who don't want to make landfill," according to its posted philosophy.

The corrugated cardboard cases are $224 each, or $ 448 for one monogrammed with your initials.

Sure, the cases protect the environment and look good for absorbing shock, but, what about coffee spills?

According to Miller, the cases are coated in Skotchguard making them at least splash and rain proof, though it does not seem that the cardboard is treated to be completely waterproof.

(Photo: Farm Designs)