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Green-tech news harvest: Clean-tech funding, grape-powered chips

Climos looks for more funding; solar power for Fenway Park; more green building materials for Serious Materials; and "burpless" grass to reduce cows' methane emissions.

Here's a sampling of recent green-tech news:

  • Jefferies sees improved pipeline for clean-tech IPOs - MarketWatch
    With a lot of money going into start-ups, investors are eyeing stock market offerings closely.
  • Ocean seeding start-up Climos looking to raise more funds - Earth2Tech
    Climos wants to "seed" the ocean with iron to stimulate plankton growth, some of which will die and sink, thereby sequestering carbon dioxide.
  • Red Sox install solar thermal at Fenway - Renewable Energy World
    The solar thermal system will cut its gas use down by a third. I can confirm that Fenway recycles, too.
  • MSP430 low-power demo using grapes as a power source - Texas Instruments
    A twist on a classic science fair project: using acidic fruit to get a flow of current, enough to power these low-power chips from TI.
  • Green drywall maker eyes windows, insulation - Greentech Media: Green Light
    Serious Materials looks to expand into other green building materials.
  • Aussies cultivate 'burpless' grass - TerraPass Blog
    Methane from cows is a potent greenhouse gas and a serious issue for countries that grow a lot of cattle. Carbon offset provider TerraPass does methane capture projects.