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Green tech for hipsters: Get onboard before it goes mainstream

Living the green hipster life isn't all about retro tech. You can have the latest environmentally friendly innovations and still keep your hipster cred.

Hang out on an electric unicycle near your buddies' fixies. Focus Designs

The hipster subculture is easy to poke fun at, but I'm going to confess right up front that I have some hipster tendencies. I like sustainably produced artisanal waxed-cotton messenger bags. I enjoy almond milk, skinny jeans, flannel shirts, and vintage fashion. If I were a guy, I would probably be investing in mustache wax.

Like many hipsters, I have an interest in environmentally conscious technology. I have a super-efficient hot-water heating system for my house that looks like a steampunk time machine. I look for local produce, can my own foods, and recycle like a fiend, hauling my glass bottles and jars across town to the proper city-run recycling bin. I'm currently testing out an electric unicycle, which may be the ultimate mode of hipster transportation.

Let's embrace hipsterdom as a positive movement, a group of people seeking to express their quirks, unusual hobbies, fabulous facial hair, and sensitivity to the environment. Hipsters may embrace old-school technology like fixies and vinyl records, but there's still a place in the hipster lifestyle for new green innovations.

What would the ultimate high-tech green hipster look like? She would rock a set of sustainable headphones under her vintage wool hat, eat a salad made from locally grown lettuce harvested inside a converted warehouse, live in a house coated with man-made breathing leaves, and generate her own power for her laptop.

Ready to gear up for the green-tech hipster lifestyle? Stroll through the gallery for a full collection of environmentally friendly innovations that would meld seemlessly with Nietzsche-style mustaches, flat caps, and chicken-keeping.