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'Green Shirt Guy' just one highlight of city council meeting turned meme-fest

It's the laugh no one noticed in Tucson, Arizona, until it took over Twitter.


Green Shirt Guy, aka Alex Kack, doing his thing.

Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

For Alex Kack, going viral was as simple as putting on a green shirt and laughing. 

Kack was captured on camera losing it at a Tucson City Council meeting Tuesday night in a response to a pair of pro-Trump protesters. They disrupted the meeting with shouts and signs opposing the city's move to put a measure on the November ballot to become a so-called "sanctuary city."  

Broadly, a sanctuary city is a local government with a policy of limiting its cooperation with the federal government's enforcement of immigration laws. 

Kack, a progressive blogger, quickly inspired a barrage of tweets and sent the hashtag #greenshirtguy trending Wednesday, even as a major Samsung media event jostled for attention. 

Plenty of tweets highlighted the polarized politics driving the scene, but others noted that green shirt sellers everywhere had been handed a marketing gift from heaven. "I know what I'm buying on Friday," one Twitter user wrote along with a picture of a green shirt. 

Remarkably, the very same city council meeting spawned a few other memes, like #banjoguy, which is exactly what you probably expect -- an older gentleman in overalls singing a protest song. 

As if that weren't enough, the same meeting also saw a tune delivered by the "Singing Sanctuary City Sisters." Unfortunately, that name may be just too long for a hashtag, but they've still seen some love. 

If you just can't get enough of the Tucson City Council meme-fest, here are all its stars in one epic supercut.