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Green or not, this car is ugly in any color

Taiwanese solar-powered model looks like a golf cart.


When we first spied the "Mini Solar Racer" last summer, it seemed like a neat little toy that would make a nice novelty gift for our greener acquaintances. Little did we know that it could be a miniature prototype for an actual car.

That, at least, appeared to be the case with the equally unattractive Taiwanese solar-powered car that Gizmodo rightly likens to a golf cart. Even if it does make good on its claims of reaching 44 mph during three-hour jaunts between charges, something tells us that this design won't have droves of customers jamming showrooms. It makes the Prius look like a pimped Hummer.

Until they make one that doesn't look like it escaped from Disneyland's Autopia, we think an electric Escalade is a better compromise--and more than $10,000 less than the Taiwan model's $24,600 price tag.