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Green news harvest: Chevy Volt a go, $1-per-watt wind

"Green collar" jobs study; optimizing solar panels; solar travel bags; and a scorecard on next-generation ethanol.

Here's a sampling of green-tech news and quick commentary.

• The race for affordable
Broadstar Wind Systems launches its micro and urban wind turbine that looks sort of like the paddlewheel of a steamboat.

• 'Green collar' jobs hold key to economic recovery--BusinessGreen
U.S. report looks at the upside potential of investing in low-carbon energy technology.

• Tigo Energy announces $6 million funding--press release
The company optimizes solar installations at people's homes which it says often perform worse than they should--a serious problem for homeowners looking for a reliable payback period.

• Solar briefcase charges gadgets on the go--CNET's Crave
More solar bags for charging laptops hit the streets.

Under a dollar a watt? Broadstar Wind Systems

• 11 companies racing to build U.S. cellulosic ethanol plants--Earth2Tech
A scorecard for next-generation ethanol. If these plants pan out, corn's days are numbered as the primary source for ethanol.

• SPX makes $100M geothermal deal--Greentech Media
The deal is for Iceland, geothermal central. But the article also has a chart showing geothermal potential around the world.

• GM to close four truck plants, shifting product mix toward cars--CNN
The subhead half-down this article says it all: 'Volt in, Hummer out?'

• GM says all-electric Volt approved for 2010 launch--Reuters
There is a good amount of skepticism that GM can produce the Volt by its target timeline, but CEO says it's a go.