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Green Hills spins off Integrity operating system

Spinoff company aims to bring military-grade virtualization to corporations.

Green Hills Software announced this week that it is spinning off a new company to bring its military-grade Integrity operating system to the enterprise market.

Integrity, which sits on top of the processor controlling access to hardware and devices, has received the EAL6+ (Evaluation Assurance Level), the highest rating for an operating system.

It's already being used in the B1 bomber, the F35 joint strike fighter, the Airbus 380, Boeing 767, and NASA's next-generation shuttle, and now will be available for use on computers running Windows, Linux, and other desktop operating systems.

The operating system's virtualization features can protect corporate networks by isolating viruses and other malware from other parts of the computer system, said David Chandler, chief executive of Integrity Global Security.

The software can be particularly beneficial for critical infrastructure and call centers, which are often outsourced and staffed by contractors, he said. "We can provide a secure environment and only show the information necessary for someone to do their job," he said.

"What Integrity has is much better than what's currently available on the market," said Neil MacDonald, a vice president of analyst firm Gartner.

"The challenge will be convincing people that they need this; that they have to be doing something different from what they're doing now with commercial software like VMware or Microsoft's Hyper-V technology," he said. "In the commercial world there is the challenge of 'good enough' security and do they really need military-grade or gold-plated security versions of what commercial companies have to offer."