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Green buildings and 'greening up' your home

CNET will be hosting an Ask the Editor Live Forum on Green Buildings Thursday at 11:00 Pacific.

When most people think of green buildings, they imagine slick corporate headquarters or millionaires' trophy homes.

But a lot of the technologies and practices used in expensive green buildings are becoming more accessible.

Over the past several months, I've visited a number of commercial certified green buildings (like the Genyzme Center in Cambridge, Mass.) and I just returned from the Solar Decathlon, a competition to build the best home powered only by the sun. Of course, I've researched improvements on my own humble abode outside Boston.

So let's talk green. I'm hosting an Ask the Editors Live forum (click here for the link) on Thursday (tomorrow, October 18) where I'll take questions from you on green buildings and homes. Please join us!

Some topics we can discuss: solar electric and solar thermal, materials, small wind, lighting, biomass, and costs. And I'm happy to share some data and experiences from past coverage. See you tomorrow, Thursday at 11:00 Pacific!