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Green and fast

The EcoJet, a supercar designed by GM and Jay Leno, runs on biodiesel.

Not all econuts want to meander around smelling wildflowers; some want to drive really, really fast. Jay Leno, car nut with a green streak, worked with GM's Advance Design Studio to build the EcoJet, a biodiesel-fueled, turbine-powered supercar built on a Corvette frame. Unveiled at SEMA this week, the car uses a Honeywell LT 101 turbine engine that runs on biodiesel fuel. The turbine produces 650 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque, which puts it in the insanely powerful category. Jay Leno came up with the initial idea, then had his team work with GM designers to make the car a reality. But the car will probably only live as a concept, never entering production. No word on how many cornfields or fast food restaurants it will take to power the EcoJet.

(Photo: General Motors)