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Simplified cell phones, especially designed for teens, are growing in number all the time. But at the other end of the population spectrum is a group that's received far too little attention from the cell phone industry. Seniors want cell phones too, but they have specific needs that should be addressed. In particular, they want simple, easy-to-use handsets that lack fancy features but have large displays and buttons to aid those with poor vision. At CTIA, GreatCall, a new MVNO aimed at seniors, introduced two handsets that incorporate much of the above. The Jitterbug Dial has large, brightly backlit keypad buttons, a basic interface, and a utilitarian design. Since it has a full keypad, the Dial is meant for users who will make calls regularly. Alternatively, for emergencies only, the Jitterbug OneTouch ditches the standard keypad in favor of three one-touch buttons that connect the user to a carrier operator, emergency services, and a user-programmed contact. Both are white flip phones with bulky but lightweight form factors designed by Samsung. Exact pricing and plans will be announced later, with service expected to start this summer. Stay tuned for photos.