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Great Plains to bridge money gap

Great Plains plans to bridge Web merchant servers and its financial software.

Great Plains Software today announced plans to bridge Web merchant servers and the company's popular financial management applications.

The company is working on an interface, code-named Marco Polo, that will provide links between Great Plains Dynamics and Dynamics C/S+ financial software and Web-based merchant systems, such as Microsoft's forthcoming Merchant Server, a development that will streamline order processing for goods and services over the Net, Great Plains said.

A number of companies, including Microsoft, Netscape Communications, and Open Market, are developing or already offering Merchant solutions that enable Web storefronts to take orders from customers through browsers securely. But all of these solutions require back-end order management systems from companies such as Great Plains. The company said it will work with major software firms to ensure that Marco Polo is operable with their merchant solutions.

Marco Polo will go into beta testing this summer. Pricing for the product has not been announced.

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