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Great grating--automatically

The Powered Cheese Grater is a time-saving device for fans of cheese. Complete with a lid for easy storage in the refrigerator, the gadget is always at the ready.

Grab and grate.
Grab and grate. Hammacher Schlemmer

As a finishing touch to the creation of a meal, topping the plate with freshly grated cheese is an action that produces delicious results. Yet that doesn't mean it is the most graceful of maneuvers--or one that is always remembered. After all, it is easy to overlook something that could be considered an extra. But when it comes to pizza, pasta, or vegetables, a shower of cheese can make the difference between a good meal and a great one.

The Powered Cheese Grater keeps freshly grated cheese only a press of the button away. The lidded grater can be stored in the refrigerator, making the device convenient to use; just grab it when ready. With two separate chambers, the gadget can process two kinds of cheese at once. Also included are three different shredding discs (which store onboard), providing a range of desired results.

Fumbling with cheese while a meal cools down isn't the most efficient use of time--time that should be spent eating. Of course, with an automatic cheese grater always at the ready, any time saved will be allocated in another way, like dreaming up new dishes that go well with cheese.