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Grayboxx adds user reviews and goes nationwide

Local search site launches nationally, adding user reviews to implicit recommendations based on transactions in the neighborhood.

Local search site Grayboxx is launching nationwide late on Tuesday, including all major U.S. cities in its coverage and adding user reviews.

The site, which was reviewed by my colleague at Webware in October, automatically generates business rankings and recommendations inferred from activities of people in a particular neighborhood.

For example, I might make dinner reservations with an online reservation service that shares its anonymous user data in the aggregate with Grayboxx and that action might push the restaurant up higher in the rankings. The listing of a local business in my cell phone contact database could be an implicit endorsement of that business and be reflected on Grayboxx.

Analyst Greg Sterling, of Sterling Market Intelligence, says the site may be onto something, despite entering a crowded local search market. "They've got creative and clever methodology, and now they need to build more content around it."