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Graspr teams with to distribute online video

Graspr has teamed up with to distribute online video content across its entire network., an online nutrition and health solution provider, announced today that it has partnered with instructional video site, Graspr to distribute its original video content on the video site and throughout Graspr's network of 2,000 syndication partners.

"Our partnership with Graspr provides us a tremendous distribution network and brings our inspirational video content to a new and diversified audience," said Sarah Dussault, senior video producer at

According to the companies,'s diet, health, fitness, and lifestyle content can be found in Graspr's library, which currently offers instructional videos on topics like cooking, home improvement, education, and fitness.

Graspr is competing in a relatively crowded market. The company is pitted against Howcast and 5min, and ostensibly believes that adding more content is a key success factor over the long term. But whether or not diet and fitness videos will help it gain a stranglehold on the market is up for debate.