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GraphOn files patent suit against Google

The suit alleges that Google's Base, AdWords, Blogger, Sites, and YouTube services infringe on database-related patents.

Updated 10:35 a.m. PDT:Google's decline to comment has been added.

Software maker GraphOn has filed suit against search giant Google, alleging that Google's Base, AdWords, Blogger, Sites, and YouTube services violate GraphOn's patents

GraphOn, based in Santa Cruz, Calif., acquired the patents through its acquisition of Network Engineering Software, a privately held network software company, in 2005. The suit was filed in United States District Court in the Eastern District of Texas.

A spokesman for Google said the company has not received the complaint yet, and therefore had no comment.

According to GraphOn, the Google suit follows similar claims against, Classified Ventures, IAC/InterActiveCorp,, Yahoo,, and CareerBuilder.

The suit involves patents 6,324,538; 6,850,940; 7,028,034; and 7,269,591, which involve a method of maintaining an automated and network-accessible database.

GraphOn is seeking permanent injunctive relief along with unspecified damages.