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Graphics 'indistinguishable from reality' in 10 years, says Star Wars dev

Industrial Light & Magic visual effects supervisor predicts graphics will advance to impressive new levels over the coming decade.

Graphics will advance substantially in the next decade, Libreri says. Screenshot by GameSpot

By the time 2022 rolls around, graphics will have advanced to the point where they are "indistinguishable from reality," says Industrial Light & Magic visual effects supervisor Kim Libreri.

ILM is working with LucasArts on upcoming third-person shooter Star Wars 1313, and in a new video interview with CVG, Libreri said it will one day be nigh impossible to spot the differences between real-time rendering and live action.

"It's an interesting time because with modern computer graphics hardware, the way it's going, it's gonna be pretty hard to tell the difference between something that is interactive and rendered in real time, and something that was done for an animated TV show, or even a live-action thing," Libreri said.

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