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Grape goes for gold in Google's 2016 Fruit Doodle Games

The delicious berry shows off its show jumping prowess on the third day of Google's Doodle Fruit Games.

This grape rides a spider in Google's latest Doodle for its Fruit Games event.


Grape is getting its game on for Google on Sunday.

As part of the search giant's third day of the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games, the delicious berry is showing off its show jumping prowess in an interactive game added to the Google app on iOS and Android. The game can be accessed by tapping the doodle inside the app.

The game features a grape riding on the back of his trusty steed Spider as the pair leap over hurdles. Google says the bite-sized treat and its eight-legged friend have been inseparable since they landed in the same crate.

The Fruit Games began on Friday in commemoration of the beginning of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The first day featured a strawberry's foot race against two other pieces of fruit while being furiously chased by a watermelon, while Saturday's contest pitted Pineapple against Orange in a tennis minigame.

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