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Granite sink cleans up effortlessly

This granite composite sink is scratch- and stain-resistant.

Look at that shine! Blanco

If you're the trendsetter in your neighborhood, then you should be the first to upgrade your sink to the new SILGRANIT II from Blanco. As the name suggests, it's a granite composite sink--a blend of 80 percent natural granite and 20 percent acrylic resin (with ceramic components). What does that mean for you? Oh, just that it's easy to clean and the most scratch-resistant sink on the market.

The sink is also heat-resistant to more than 500 degrees, so you can put pans fresh from the stove straight into the sink without worrying.

Currently offered in five colors--brown, white, anthracite, biscuit, and metallic gray--the sink resists overnight beet juice, hair dye, tea stains, and whatever you scraped off your plates and left in the sink all day. Get one in your kitchen for $350 to $1,500.