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Grandma seeks broadband over powerline--'now'

In response to the news report written by Marguerite Reardon, "Broadband powerline service gains backers":

I am a 63-year-old grandmother novice to the Internet. My telephone line was installed in our house in 1968 with boosters in the lines so voices could be recognized. (At that time it was called a foreign exchange and I paid by the mile for telephone service.)

Because of these conditions, I can't get DSL (digital subscriber line)--only dialup. Sometimes my 56K modem gets 16.2kbps when I go online. Satellite is just too expensive for a retired person. At the end of your article the author stated there was not much of a market (for broadband over power line, or BPL). Brother, she should be here when I am swearing at my machine. Where is this gadget she is talking about? I want one now.

Jeanne Bartz
Laurel, Md.