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Grand Theft Mario? YouTuber drops Mario into Liberty City

We don't want a realistic Mario game (like, ever). But this video is pretty hilarious.

Ever since Nintendo announced its newest console last week, we've been watching an avalanche of great memes, gifs, and parodies crash down upon the internet. We got a sneak peek of Mario checking out New Donk City in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, which immediately made just about everyone online wonder what it would be like if Mario and Grand Theft Auto's franchises were to meet. That daydream is now reality, thanks to YouTuber CrowbCat:

After your laughter dies down, you might feel lightheaded or nauseous. That's because the idea of a human-sized Mario is absolutely horrifying and your body is rejecting it. For the record, is anyone suggesting that this:


Next up: Mario meets Slenderman

Looks weirder or worse than this?


If you accidentally eat magic mushrooms and experience hallucinations involving Mario, please call your doctor.

Well, you're bad and wrong and probably have nightmares every night of your life.

Here's the actual trailer for Mario Odyssey, if you need a palette cleanser. I'll be over here wondering what other franchises Mario should show up in. Skyrim? The Witcher? Dark Souls?