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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hits iOS, Android

Nearly 10 years ago, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City redefined the concept of an action-based open-world video game. Now, the wild experience comes to smartphones and tablets.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City turns 10 on October 29. Rockstar Games

Anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City -- set in a fictional representation of Miami -- is familiar with its eclectic mix of '80s music and style. Personally, when I played it eight years ago, I loved getting on a motorcycle and cruising the mean streets, either looking for a killer jump or just someone to mow down.

On the heels of the game's 10th anniversary, developer Rockstar Games announced the upcoming release of GTA: Vice City for "select" iOS and Android smartphones and tablets "featuring native high-resolution graphics and several enhancements."

Unfortunately, Rockstar didn't give an official release date for the mobile version of Vice City, but the company did offer a "later this fall" timetable. Hopefully, this means we'll see the game before the end of the year, which seems possible as a related blog post advises to "stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead."

Earlier this year, Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto III for iOS and Android, which CNET Senior Editor Scott Stein favorably reviewed.