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'Grand Theft Auto' meets Google Street View

Hackers offer their take on Google's Street View feature.

What do you get when you mash up the latest, greatest Google feature with an unconference full of hackers?

I'm tempted to say pure magic, but instead I'll say you get Hacking Google Street View, the report from WhereCamp that I found on my favorite blog,, Monday.

Google's Street View feature lets people see street-level images from several U.S. cities Google

So what is it? It's hackers playing with the Street View APIs, figuring out ways to do things like mash up Grand Theft Auto with the hot new mapping phenomenon.

"Greg Sadetsky cracked Street View a couple hours after the announcement at Where 2.0," the Brain Off post reported. "It was pretty easy and comprehensible...almost as if the Google engineers wanted it hacked. I'm sure they did."

Nothing specific came out of the late-night geekery, but knowing what people with good ideas can come up with, especially when enabled as they usually are when it comes to Google Maps projects, I'm sure that within days, we'll be seeing some very cool things spreading across the Intertubes.