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Grand Theft Auto goes 'Back to the Future' with DeLorean mod

The mother of all Grand Theft Auto mods features a gull-wing DeLorean, playable Marty McFly, and time travel to save you before you crash into that police blockade.

Grand Theft Auto DeLorean mod
Yep, our little Marty is all grown up now. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

A fan had a dream. He dreamed he would some day roll around Vice City in a souped-up DeLorean, dressed as Marty Mcfly, packing heat, and terrorizing the town. Then he made it happen.

The creator of the Back to the Future Grand Theft Auto mod (SeedyROM34 on YouTube), spent months working on the elaborate creation with many hours of file editing thrown into the bargain. This is quite a bit more than just a skin. There's time travel, an excellent-looking Marty McFly character, and a detailed DeLorean complete with flux capacitor.

There's also a plutonium control, a date control with number pad, fire trail for the time travel function, and all the right sound effects.

Are you ready to ride? Check out the mod below. Warning: the video has Doc Brown uttering a common curse word near the beginning, so take care if you're at work.

(Via Geekologie)