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GPS with turn signals

GPS with turn signals

Dual had its XNAV3500P NavAtlas GPS unit on display at SEMA, and I was most impressed by its flashy turn-signal ears. The unit itself is comparatively small, similar to the TomTom Go 300, with a 3.5-inch LCD screen. But it also has two short cylinders sticking out of the sides housing blue and red LEDs. When the navigation indicates an upcoming turn, the appropriate side will light up, first with blue, then red as you get closer. It serves as an extra visual indicator of when to make a turn. The other specs are fairly standard. The NavAtlas takes SD cards, shipping with a 1GB card preloaded with maps of the United States. It has an internal battery, giving it about three hours of runtime outside of the car. It also has the capability to play MP3s or movies, as well as display photos stored on SD cards.