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GPS tracks athletes during competition

A device that gives you the ability to track your athletes during the game.

GPS Sports an Australian based company has some interesting technology for coaches out there. It won't be long before you can actually track your player's vital signs during their game.

GPS Sports

In a world first, Australian Aussie rules football players have been rigged up with GPS devices that allow their coaches to track how far they run, what speed they run at and the hits they absorb during the game. This helps the coaches train the athletes independently for each position and allows the coach to track their workload and whether injured players are fit to resume the game. The ability of the GPS device to monitor the force of an impact is like having a Richter scale on a player to see how devastating a hit or blow could be when tackled.

The device is worn in a vest or strapped to the players back, it sounds like it would be perfect for the NFL and NHL as well. Some Australian rules players have even given permission for the information to be broadcast on television live during matches, this gives the TV audience an inside look at what the players go through during a game.