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GPS remembers photos when you don't

Sony unit records location with your photos

Tech Digest

We can't remember the number of times we've come across an old photo and couldn't remember where it was taken. (Sometimes a new photo, even.) That's why we, and our deteriorating brain cells, appreciate Sony's development of a GPS unit for the camera.

The elegantly named GPS-CS1KA saves the location, time and date of photos taken in all areas that have satellite coverage, according to Tech Digest. The device stores about a month's worth of tracking data for the photos, which can be tagged on a Google map as well.

The unit weighs under 2 ounces, but it means you'll still have to carry a separate attachment with the camera. So even though we think it's a great concept, we'll hold out for a built-in GPS tracker. (The cheapskate's way out.)