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GPS goodness in Qstarz Travel Recorder

Device lets you synchronize your digital pictures with their exact locations

Crave UK

External GPS receivers are pretty handy if you want to turn your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone into a satellite-navigation device. But imagine if you could use your external GPS receiver to keep a log of your travels and then be able to see your journey on Google Earth.

Better yet, imagine if you could use that GPS travel log to synchronize your digital pictures with their exact locations, so you can post them on sites such as Locr or Flickr and let your friends see where the pictures were taken. The Qstarz Travel Recorder BT-Q1000--the little black box in the pic--does all of the above and only costs around 60 pounds (about $124), which is much cheaper than many alternatives.

Admittedly, it is fiddly to geotag pictures--it involves some quality time with your PC--but at this price you can't complain.

(Source: Crave UK)