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GPS gives away alleged bank robber

A man allegedly robs a bank while out on parole. Police happen to show a picture of the robber to a parole officer. And a connection is made via GPS.

We all, at one time or another, fail to think straight when under pressure. However, when we decide the time has come to rob a bank, arrow-like mental functionality is imperative for our tool belt.

I mention this only because of the tale of Garry Lee Damon. Damon is currently being subjected to the police's careful hospitality on suspicion of having robbed a Citibank in Santa Clara, Calif.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the police looked at surveillance photos of the robber and wondered who he might be.

I am told this is a telescope linked to a GPS satellite. Oh, we're all being followed now. CC 37Hz/Flickr

They showed the photos to a parole officer, who seemed to feel he might recognize the man in question. For he allegedly bore a remarkable resemblance to one of his parolees.

The parole officer decided to perform a swift technological check of Damon's whereabouts at the time in question.

You see, Damon was wearing a GPS. And the information from the GPS allegedly suggested that he was, indeed, in the aforementioned Citibank at the inappropriate time. Which prompted the police to consider this more than a coincidence.

I know it cannot be easy knowing that one has a tail at every moment in one's life. Ask any squirrel just how skittish it makes them.

However, I cannot help wondering whether one should perhaps steer clear of the potential of committing crimes when one's whereabouts, thanks to modern technology, are not exactly a secret.