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GPLv3 update: 14 percent growth, no end in sight

GPLv3 adoption--it just keeps going and going and going.


I'm actually surprised that adoption of GPLv3 continues at such a steady pace. This week it's up 14 percent over last week, which is impressive, given that the base upon which it has to build continues to grow.

As of August 17, Palamida's research indicates that 378 projects have officially adopted GPLv3, as compared to 332 projects on August 10, 2007. An additional eight projects have adopted LGPLv3, bringing the total LGPLv3 projects to 21.

In addition, there are currently 4,748 projects with licenses that now read "GPL v2 or LGPL v2.1 or later." For a complete list of projects that have adopted GPLv3 and LGPLv3, see

Thanks to Palamida for tracking this and updating us on a regular basis.