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GPLv3: the beat goes on

GPLv3 continues it steady pace, as Palamida's study reflects.

GPLv3 conversions Palamida

Palamida reports that GPLv3 continues to grow at a steady, unyielding pace. This week has seen a 16% increase over last week in the number of projects that have adopted GPLv3 (300 projects now compared to 259 projects on July 27th). Importantly, there are now 3,408 projects licensed with the "GPLv2 or later" clause, which represents a 12% increase over last week.

There were no "SugarCRM"-worthy v3 conversions, but there were some interesting projects to move to GPLv3:

  • TextMail: mail filter to replace MS Word/HTML attachments with plain text
  • Perl OS: a program that provides an easy interface to run Perl/Tk programs
  • Photo Organizer: a multi-user photo management tool that was designed for professional photographers.

GPLv3 is not an earth-shattering change over GPLv2, but it continues to earn converts. I suspect that we'll continue to see the steady pace over the next year, with no serious rising or falling.