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GPLv3 report: 21% increase, but some notable exceptions

The GPLv3 march continues, with some notable exceptions this week.

We're now at 199 projects that have adopted GPLv3, which represents a 21% increase over last week. Clearly, GPLv3 has legs. Significantly, Snort made the move this past week. This is a major coup for GPLv3. [I just found out that, in fact, Snort did not make the move to GPLv3.]

What's most interesting to me, however, are the projects this past week that have decided to stick with GPLv2. Two of my content management compatriots (Joomla and Mambo - who says they can't get along? :-), as well as Compiere. These are highly visible projects and, as such, it would be useful to know their reasons. (Of course, the Mambo and Joomla projects are tightly linked restricting their, or at least Joomla's, ability to act completely independently, as I understand it).

Compiere will be interesting to watch, especially in light of anything that Adempiere opts to do. Adempiere has now overtaken Compiere in terms of community interest (measured by project downloads and activity on Sourceforge). I'm not sure how much leeway it has to change its licensing terms, but we'll see what happens.

All in all, however, a good week for GPLv3. As ever, to find out about more projects making the switch, tune in to Palamida's GPLv3 report.