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GPL 3 release set for Friday

Free Software Foundation is set to release next version of open-source license more than three months after initial deadline.

The Free Software Foundation is set to release the General Public License version 3 at 9 a.m. PDT Friday, more than three months after the initial March 15 deadline.

FSF founder Richard Stallman plans to launch GPL 3--after 18 months of debate and four drafts--via a video stream on the organization's Web site.

Peter Brown, executive director of FSF, announced the launch date in an e-mail posted to a mailing list Wednesday.

Changes in the latest version of the GPL include the restoration of compatibility with the Apache License, the addition of patent retaliation clauses to prevent future arrangements similar to Microsoft and Novell's pact, and increased internationalization of the license.

The release of the GPL 3 comes 16 years after the release of GPL 2.

Chris Duckett of ZDNet Australia's Builder AU reported from Sydney.