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Government transition sites launched

President-elect Barack Obama's new transition site features a blog with YouTube videos, while the Government Accountability Office's site lists urgent priorities.

Two new Web sites launched Wednesday that map out President-elect Barack Obama's transition to the White House., Obama's official transition site, features a blog, a section with Obama's agenda, and a section that profiles the Obama administration. It also includes a jobs page for those interested in working in the Obama administration, a page titled "America Serves" that emphasizes the need for community service, and a section called "American Moment," where visitors are encouraged to share their stories or their vision for the country.

The front page on Wednesday linked to a YouTube video, found in the first entry of the site's blog, of Obama's final campaign speech given in Chicago after his victory.

The Government Accountability Office launched its own 2009 Congressional and Presidential Transition site as well on Wednesday. The nonpartisan GAO makes recommendations on the site of ways the new government can address the nation's biggest challenges.

On the new site, the GAO lists 13 issues that "demand urgent attention and continuing oversight to ensure the nation's security and well-being." Along with "financial institutions and markets" and "Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan," the list includes the transition to digital television and the retirement of the space shuttle.

The site also features a closed-captioned introductory video from Gene Dodaro, the acting comptroller general.