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Gotta catch l'amour: Pokemon Go gets a dating site

The new service PokeDates could help you Pikachu-se a new love.

Pokedates brings together players of Pokemon Go for long walks, Pokemon-catching and maybe more.

Project Fixup

It was inevitable: there's a dating site for Pokemon Go. New service PokeDates promises to match you with fellow players of the phenomenally popular game to "meet your Ash or Misty".

Answer some questions about yourself and your Pokemon preferences, and the site will match you with a fellow player. You'll then be sent to a gym or pokestop to meet your potential PokeParamour. Whether you win your date's heart is up to you -- you'll just have to turn on the Charmander.

The first PokeDate is free, after which each date costs $20 (about £15 or AU$25).

Launching today, it's a spin-off from Project Fixup, a dating service that organises dates for you -- the twist being that people, rather than algorithms, are employed to match you up. Project Fixup is currently only available in the US.

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