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Got computer questions? Ask Leo

Leo Notenboom answers computer questions for free

Most of us have personal computer questions and it's not too hard to get answers. What is hard though, is getting an answer from someone qualified, thoughtful and reasoned. And a constant stream of good answers, for free, is too much to hope for.

Unless you know about Leo.

At his web site, Leo Notenboom answers computer questions from anyone. Each week he answers a handful of questions, and, if you subscribe to his free newsletter, you get a weekly email with the current weeks questions. He can't answer every one, but he tries his best.

To illustrate, here are some recently asked and answered questions:

  • I'm being notified of an intrusion attempt, what should I do?
  • Where can I download Windows XP?
  • Why can't I connect with a 169.254.x.x IP address?
  • How do I translate a URL to an IP address?
  • What is thumbs.db, and can I delete it?
  • How do I change the icon of a desktop shortcut?
  • Why can't I access the Documents and Settings or Local Settings folders in Windows Vista?

Computer nerds don't really have an equivalent of the board certification that doctors do. Still, Mr. Notenboom previously worked for Microsoft, which should count for something. And as they say, it takes one to know one, so trust me, Leo is more than qualified to answer your tech questions. Maybe he already has.