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Got birds? Put that shotgun down

The "BirdXPeller" makes them think there's a predator nearby.


There's no two ways about it: Bird droppings are dirty business. And people who spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning them off their property may understandably wish they had a "Falco" robotic raptor to limit the avian population, but that would probably be overkill (though that may sound good). Still, there's a more appropriate technological response to the problem in the "BirdXPeller Pro."

This device repels winged rats with sounds that deceive them into thinking that a predator is in the vicinity, according to SlashGear, covering an area as large as an acre. There are even different versions for particular types of birds. (We suspect that the "Pro 1," which deters pigeons, is among the most popular.)

At least it's a somewhat more natural way to control the problem, compared with other solutions. In a way, it's more humane than gadgets like the "Solar Chaser" that drive rodents out of their little minds.