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Got a to-do list? Google Keep will remind you

A Google Keep update ties your reminders not only to time, but to location. What better way to not forget the milk than when you walk into the grocery store?

Google Keep will now let you set reminders based on time and location. Google

Google Keep, the company's answer to Evernote, has added reminders that work with both time and location.

The update on Wednesday lets you set a location, such as a grocery store, as well as the traditional time-based reminder. The settings, which also tie in with Google Now, can set reminders for lists and notes.

You can create a reminder by tapping the Remind Me button at the bottom of any note, and then set a specific time or a general one, such as "afternoon." Location-based reminders work similar to Google Maps, and suggest places as soon as you begin typing.

Setting snooze on an alarm can now be based on time or location, and reminders can be viewed in the new navigation drawer as a group.

Two smaller changes in Keep now let you flip between accounts from the navigation drawer, and add existing photos from your phone gallery to a new note.

As with many app updates over the past few days, Google has said that the features will roll out slowly over the next few days to Android users.