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Got a small point-and-shoot? Get a Tiltpod

Tiltpod is a tiny support that's a big help for compact cameras.


Over the years I've had several readers tell me they can't be expected to carry a tripod everywhere they go with their point-and-shoot camera. I get that. Hell, most smartphone users don't want to take a camera along let alone a tiny tripod they "might" need. And that's what makes the Tiltpod a great idea.

The product basically consists of a tiny base with a non-skid bottom and a screw with a rounded head that you put into a tripod mount. The base has a small indent with a strong magnet in it and that's where the head of the screw rests, creating a ball and socket.

The magnet is strong enough that you can position the camera at different angles. If the surface you put the Tiltpod down on isn't level, just slide the camera around till your shot is how you want it. The base's bottom has good grip letting you use it on a variety of surfaces, but the magnet is also strong enough that you can, if you're careful, place it on something magnetic and get it to stick.

Since you just slip it on a wrist strap, you don't have to think twice about bringing it with you. It's perfect for self-portraits and group shots where you want to be in the picture, or the video for that matter. But more importantly, it'll improve your low-light photos by taking the camera out of your hands so you don't have to worry as much about slow shutter speeds or poor high-ISO results.

The kit, which is currently listed on Amazon for $17.95, comes with a camera wrist strap, the magnetic base, the screw-mounted pivot, and an optional stick-on adhesive pivot for cameras or minicamcorders with off-center tripod sockets.

I know this comes off sounding a bit like I'm selling these things, but if it sucked I'd say so. It's honestly just a cool little product.