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Got a great geeky love story? We want to hear it

Techies and scientists, DIYers and fantasy fans -- geeks do things their own way, including love. Proud of how you applied your skills to wooing? Funny story for the flirting-impaired? Tell us about it.

It's safe to say she said yes, and now has the key to the Tardis. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Who doesn't like a good geeky love story? After all, how could you not appreciate the loving care that went into building a life-size Tardis with the question, "Will you marry me?" flashing above the door? Or the custom-made "Harry Potter" Quidditch set that lent another proposal its magic? Or the planning and patience that went into a scientist's slow-blooming 250-tulip declaration of love?

With a penchant for passion and imagination -- and, often, impressive technical skills -- "geeky" types sure know how to show their affection. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we'd love to hear some of your geeky love stories, CNET readers.

Perhaps it involves video games, Google Glass, a radio-controlled helicopter or free-falling at 10,000 feet. Whatever your tale may be, we want to celebrate it. And we're not just talking proposals here. It could be anything related to you and your paramour -- a how-we-met story or a shared geek ritual. Surprise us.

Send your stories and photos to crave at cnet dot com, with "geek love" in the subject line, by 9 a.m. PT, Thursday, February 12. And please be sure to include your full name and location. We may use your story in an upcoming feature.

Of course, if you'd rather just ignore V-Day this year, we totally understand. That's what last year's " Geek's guide to subverting Valentine's Day" is for.