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Got a craving? Foursquare shows you where to find a specific dish

When a food or beverage craving strikes, the app, which lets you search for certain menu items, comes to the rescue.

People can now use Foursquare to search for specific menu items at nearby restaurants. Foursquare

Foursquare is improving the local search capabilities of its Web and mobile applications by enabling people to search for specific menu items, the company announced Monday.

With the feature, rolling out now, members can query Foursquare to find a particular dish that they desire. The application will scour a collection of 43 million menu items at 500,000 eateries, as sourced by menu partners Locu and SinglePlatform, and return results of nearby restaurants where the item in question is on the menu.

Menu item search will come in handy for the super picky eater or person with a specific craving. The feature adds an additional layer of intelligence to the search experience so that people in search of, say, a vegan dish or red wine sangria don't have to rely on member tips alone.

The search enhancement comes amid the 4-year-old company's push to provide proactive recommendations and sell the masses on the usefulness of the local data collected from its 40 million users. Menu search, in particular, makes the app all the more attractive to people with specific tastes and could help Foursquare stand out as a viable alternative to Yelp.

Foursquare's menu item search capabilities are available across the Web and mobile and don't require an application update.