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Got $200? Blow it all on a USB cable

Nokia's luxury Vertu brand now offers a $190 USB cable accessory to go along with its $20,000 phones. Which would you rather have: a Kindle Fire or a USB cable?

Vertu USB cable
Maybe it's solid gold inside. Vertu

Nokia's Vertu brand has already staked its claim as a luxury handset maker. Now it's getting into the lucrative accessory market with a $190 USB cable.

I know I shouldn't be so surprised. That's a drop in the bucket compared with the $20,000 price tag for Vertu's Year of the Dragon phone. Even the Vertu wall charger costs $85.

For $190, the Vertu USB cable should be capable of transferring data at warp speeds, giving excellent stock tips, and washing your dog. Alas, it's just a USB 2.0 cable and doesn't appear to have any superpowers.

There must be some explanation for the price. Maybe the Vertu USB cable was raised in a humane manufacturing plant where it was massaged and fed caviar.

Maybe it was harvested from the feces of the Asian Palm Civet and then lightly roasted to provide data transfer with a smooth flavor profile.

We've seen plenty of insanely expensive tech items recently. The $8 million iPad and a $9.4 million iPhone 4S come to mind. At least those have some crazy bling to help justify the nuttiness.

Looking at the Vertu cable, I don't see diamonds. I don't see tyrannosaurus rex bones. I don't see the point.

(Via Luxury Launches.)