Gory chainsaw controller gets PS2 upgrade

If you're gonna go around chopping up hulking monsters, you might as well do it right (that's what Mom always says, at least). If you concur, take note that NubyTech has just upped the ante on its "Resident Evil 4" Chainsaw Controller with an enhanced version for the PlayStation 2. The blood-splattered plastic gadget, based on the infamous in-game chainsaw, is meant to enhance the gameplay's fright factor.

Chainsaw Controller
Credit: NubyTech

NubyTech already makes the accessory for the GameCube, but the new version has been redesigned down to the blood spots, reddish-orange color and display stand. The machine has a ripcord, which starts it up with the sound of an actual chainsaw. The L.A.-based company released final details on the new gizmo on Tuesday and says the second controller is easier to grip than its predecessor. All the better to thrash those creepy "Resident Evil 4" zombies.

Also exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version is the incorporation of NubyTech's new N-Motion technology, which allows players to hoist rookie cop Leon's weapon by raising and lowering the controller. When players have had enough of decapitating demons, the product's detachable cord can be stored in a compartment in the display stand so the Chainsaw Controller can be showcased (see picture).

The PS2 controllers will hit retail shelves for about $50 in October, when "Resident Evil 4" for the PlayStation 2 is set to make its appearance.

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