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Gore gored on new TV network


It's not Blogma's intention to make routinely sarcastic comments about politicians who claim to be Web-savvy. (Honest.) Yet we couldn't help but notice the less-than-flattering blogger reviews of Al Gore's latest "invention."

Al Gore

Gore's network, after all, is supposed to cater to the 18- to 34-year-old audience--the younger generation that is disproportionately represented in the blogosphere. The critical notices in the blogosphere so far could be an indication that, no matter how hard he tries, Gore may never have much credibility as a of anything digital. The debut of the 24-hour channel only reinforced that notion when its servers were hobbled by a flood of traffic on its first day.

Blog community response:

"What the hell is Current about? I tried to watch it and I just got frustrated. I saw some good 'pods' but they were only five minutes long and didn't really tell me anything. Tell me to go to and find more info."

"Al Gore just couldn't leave well enough alone. He invented the Internet, and now wants to reinvent TV. So he starts up Predicated on the new Internet babies generation, and designed (term loosely used here) to parallel the user experience of the Internet. Except that it doesn't ... really."

"News for people with short attention spans. And what is even more disquieting is the fact that a former U.S. vice president is responsible. (Maybe he did invent the Internet after all.)"
--the echo report

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