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Video Cameras

GoPro your own way with Hero3+ musical instrument mounts

Here I GoPro again on my own with a new Hero3+ Music edition, allowing musicians to attach tiny HD cameras to instruments and mic stands for live gigs and music videos.

Should I stay or should I GoPro? GoPro

You can GoPro your own way with a new GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition specially for musicians, complete with stick-on doohickeys to mount the teeny-tiny cameras beloved of extreme sports folk onto your musical instruments.

The Music edition comes with mounts for instruments and mic stands so you can attach the tiny camera to your noise-making kit to shoot live shows, rehearsals and music videos.

The GoPro camera sits in the Frame, a streamlined low-profile camera mount. Mounts attach to your guitars, drums, turntables, keyboards and other instruments with a non-sticky sticky pad, or a Jaws Flex Clamp with a flexible neck to give you a choice of camera angles.

The mic mount is compatible with U.S. 5/8"-27 mic stands and comes with an adapter for European 3/8"-16 mic stands.

The Hero3+ camera itself shoots up to two hours of footage in high definition 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. It also goes up to 4K video if you want eye-melting detail in your video, and shoots 12-megapixel stills.

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You can record audio through a built-in mic or via a 3.5mm mic input, although if you're capturing a live performance you're more likely to be shooting video on the camera and recording audio separately from the mixing desk, then combining the two later. Speaking of the desk, you can control up to 50 cameras from a remote control over Wi-Fi.

The GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Music is out now, and costs $400 in the US or £360 in the UK. The various mounts are also available to buy separately, ranging from £15 or $15 for mic mounts to £50 or $50 for the flexible Jaws Clamp.