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GoPro Hero 3 black is a 4K sports camera, costs £359

Calling all mountain bikers, surfers and rock climbers -- lords of action photography GoPro have three nifty new toys.

Mountain bikers, surfers and skateboarders assemble -- GoPro has crafted a brand-new toy to strap to your extreme sports apparatus, and one of them captures footage in sense-defying 4K.

The HD Hero 3 camera line-up includes the high-end black edition camcorder, which films in glorious 4K or 2.7K resolution, all while being tiny enough to bolt to the top of a cycling helmet.

The white and silver Hero 3 models lack that insane resolution, but all three of the new camcorders come with built in Wi-Fi. The black edition comes bundled with a Wi-Fi remote too (on the left in the picture above), which lets you control the GoPro from a distance for more convenient stunt capture. All three models have been slimmed down to roughly half the size of their predecessors.

GoPro has made an on-trend and seriously gorgeous extreme sports montage to showcase the abilities of its 4K camera, which I've embedded just below for your convenience. Keep an eye out for the incredible surfing shots at the 1:50 mark.

The only issue with the 4K option -- apart from the fact that you almost certainly don't own anything capable of playing it at its highest resolution -- is that you'll compromise on frame rate. The black model can handle 15fps NTSC and 12.5fps PAL, but if you want smoother video you'll need to drop the quality back to 2.7K, which gets you closer to 30fps. There's a full spec breakdown here.

The top-of-the-line black edition camera is up for pre-order now and costs £359. The white and silver options cost £199 and £279 respectively.

Despite having hardly any buttons and no viewfinder, the ability to attach the robust GoPro to just about anything and capture some cracking action footage has made it popular. Of course, it's not all extreme sports and cliff jumps -- our iPhone 4S queue video was filmed using GoPro camcorders.

Will you be shelling out on one of these fancypants action-cams? Or are they a little too pricey for your tastes? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.